The UFA Rural Communities Foundation Announces Five-Year, $500,000 Commitment

Rural Communities Encouraged to Apply for up to $100,000 in Funds

July 2, 2019

United Farmers of Alberta Co-operative Ltd. (“UFA”) announced today that the Rural Communities Foundation (“RCF”) is making a financial commitment of $500,000 over the next five years to rural communities across its network.

The mandate of the RCF is to improve the sustainability of farmers and ranchers in Alberta by improving access to funding for educational, recreational and cultural facilities and programs in those communities.

“The Foundation was created in 2014, through the support of UFA’s elected officials, to give back the archived equity collected by the Co-operative,” explains RCF Board Chair Harvey Hagman. “Through the formation of this Foundation, we are now able to give these monies back to those UFA communities. We’re pleased to announce today that RCF will award applications from a minimum of $10,000, up to a total of $100,000 this year.”

Hagman says that applications will be accepted from July 2 until August 31, 2019. The RCF Board will then review those applications, and announce the official winners during Cooperative Week in Canada on October 16, 2019.

Groups who are eligible for funding include registered charities under the Canada Revenue Agency, registered non-profits organizations who are registered with either their provincial or municipal government, and community service co-operatives. All projects must align with one of the three funding categories of recreational, education events and activities or cultural facilities and programs. Projects must be completed within a two-year period and be located in a community that has a UFA presence.

“We are extremely excited that the official application process is underway, and all information is available online,” said Hagman. “This money was always intended for our rural communities and now that we have a process in place, this will assist with the sustainability of our rural communities for many years to come.”

For more information on how to apply for the RCF grant, please go to

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The UFA Rural Communities Foundation Announces Five-Year, $500,000 Commitment

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