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Growing Tips: Herbicide or desiccant? You have to make the choice.

Darold Niwa

Darold Niwa

UFA Agronomic Specialist

Do you want to manage susceptible plants or dry out crops? It can only be one or the other. The decision may seem simple at first, but when it gets down to it, there are a number of important factors to consider.

“It really is not that straight-forward. Desiccants are NOT herbicides and herbicides are NOT desiccants!”

The chart below compares the two pre-harvest aids that are applied when the canola crop is mature. Talk to your local UFA Customer Account Manager (CAM) today to make the best decision for your farm.

Product Type Applies to Tips
Reglone Ion
  • Only true desiccant with built in adjuvant
  • Speeds up natural dry-down process
  • Preserves quality and yield
  • No effect on germination of seed
Canola, Peas, Lentils
  • Select straight-cut canola hybrids
  • In canola spray when 90% or more of the individual seeds are brown
  • Harvest canola as soon as drydown is complete
  • Green seed levels will not decrease after an application of Reglone Ion.
  • High water volume and good plant coverage are essential for performance
  • Rainfast in 15 minutes
Heat LQ and Glyphosate
  • Facilitates straight-cutting canola and wheat
  • Reduces the chance of regrowth (herbicide translocates to growing points)
  • Contact and systemic activity
  • Speeds up crop and weed dry-down
  • Perennial weed control
  • Effectively dries down all types of canola (Clearfield, LibertyLink, Roundup Ready)
  • Cleaner fields the year after application
Canola, Cereals
  • Minimum 10 gal/ac
  • Application timing at 75% seed colour change
  • More uniform crop drydown which could facilitate straight cutting and an earlier harvest
  • Excellent control of thistles and other perennial weeds
Cereals, Canola, Peas
  • For wheat, apply when seed moisture content reaches 30% or less (hard dough stage)
  • Temperature should be above 8-10 degrees for several hours after application

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