Proposed Phase out of Clothianidin and Thiamethoxan

There’s still time to have your voice heard.

In collaboration with Croplife Canada, United Farmers of Alberta Co-operative Ltd (UFA) is participating in advocacy efforts to stop the proposed phase out of Clothianidin and Thiamethoxan by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA).

UFA supports the important role the PMRA plays in protecting human health and the environment and maintaining confidence among our customers here in Canada and abroad that our food is safe.

Clothianidin and Thiamethoxan are critical to growers. This class of insecticide transformed the way growers manage pest pressures. By allowing for targeted application, neonics have reduced pesticide use, improved environmental health and supported beneficial insects.

Phasing out Clothianidin and Thiamethoxam along with Imidacloprid would mean that Canadian growers across the country who grow everything from cereals, oilseeds, pulses, soy, fruits, vegetables, nursery trees, to greenhouse products would lose their safest and most effective tools.

The PMRA’s proposed phase-out of Clothianidin and Thiamethoxan is not supported by any real-world monitoring evidence of the aquatic invertebrates or any evidence that their use has caused harm to bird, fish, or wildlife populations.

These chemistries are much too important to Canadian growers to make decisions in the absence of real-life monitoring information.

We encourage you to have your voice heard should this proposed decision impact your farming operation. Even though the deadline submission from the PMRA has passed, you still have the opportunity to provide your feedback directly to your local MP or to the Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Lawrence MacAulay.

Complete the following form and email it to your Member of Parliament (MP). Visit here to find your MP’s contact information.

To email your submission directly to The Honourable Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, please send to: Thank you.

Proposed Phase out of Clothianidin and Thiamethoxan

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