Jim and Daphne Walroth Celebrate 35 years as Petroleum Agents

Serving the Community in More Ways than One

Jim & Daphne Celebrate

(Left to right – Jim Walroth, Peter Braithwaite, and Daphne Walroth)

Jim and Daphne Walroth are pillars in the community of Carstairs and area and have been for over 35 years. They operate the local UFA Petroleum Agency serving members and customers with exceptional service, but it’s so much more. The agents recently celebrated their milestone anniversary with cake and coffee. They were given the option of having a celebratory barbecue, but they chose to keep the day simple and instead made substantial donations back to their community.

Daphne says, “We really wanted to do something that would help the community, that’s what matters to us. The community has given so much to us over the years and we are always looking for ways to try to give back. We thought making two donations to local charities that need funding, was a great way to do just that.”

The pair donated $1,000 to the local Citizens on Patrol (COP) charity. Peter Braithwaite has been involved with COP for about eight years. He says donations like this one essentially help to keep the community safe. “We work with the local RCMP and local police to help keep the crime rate down and it has fallen in the last decade,” he says. “We have very little costs, but we do have some expenses. Our operating costs are around three thousand a year and this donation will help us tremendously.”

“I’ve known Jim and Daphne for about 25 years and they are definitely what I would call, community builders. This donation is a great example of that.”

Jim & Daphne Celebrate 35 years

(Left to right – Jim Walroth, Bob Clark, and Daphne Walroth)

Bob Clark, from the Community Chest, another charitable organization that received funding from the Walroth’s, couldn’t agree more. “We are so pleased to receive this donation of $2,500. Our charity spreads out donations among several groups including the Mountain View Food Bank, Horizon School Breakfast program, the Olds Emergency Shelter and STARS Air Ambulance,” says Clark. “Jim and Daphne are always looking for ways to give back to their community and we are so grateful for people like them. They truly make a difference in the lives of people here who need these charitable organizations. This year, our donations are down and this contribution helps us to get where we need to be financially.”

United Farmer’s of Alberta Co-operative Ltd. (UFA) Board Chair, Kevin Hoppins says people like the Walroth’s contribute to the growth of rural communities across the province. “They demonstrate what it means to be community builders, to give back to the communities where they live and work. That’s something that resonates with our co-operative values as well. It’s all about giving back to the communities where our members live and work and ultimately, is how we keep our rural communities vibrant and strong,” he says. “Congratulations to Jim and Daphne Walroth for 35 years as the Carstairs UFA Petroleum Agents and for demonstrating what it means to be community builders.”

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Jim and Daphne Walroth Celebrate 35 years as Petroleum Agents

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