Keeping the Stampede Spirit Alive

Many things have changed as we work to meet the challenges of our new world. But one thing that remains the same is our collective and human desire to connect, evolve and thrive. Our co-operative has contributed to protecting the values that have sustained our communities for over a century. Values such as caring for others and solidarity. Now, more than ever, we are being called upon to demonstrate the power of the collective spirit and our belief in individuals and organizations that promise to keep our communities strong.

Like us, the Calgary Stampede has over 100 years of history in Alberta. And like us, they have survived through world wars, challenging economic environments and devastating weather conditions. And also like us, their light cannot be dimmed in their quest to showcase the strength of community spirit. That’s why, UFA is a proud partner of the Calgary Stampede. Although we can’t celebrate the Stampede in the traditional way this year, with corn dogs, the Cattle Trail and the sky ride, the Calgary Stampede is working hard to keeping community spirit alive! The 2020 Calgary Stampede community celebration is an effort to honour the things that both Calgary Stampede and UFA hold dear; family, community, culture and of course the resilient, “never quit” essence of western heritage.

Find out how the Calgary Stampede is keeping the spirit alive at The road ahead is long. Let’s not forget to have some fun along the way and remind people that our community spirit is not, and never will be cancelled.

Keeping the Stampede Spirit Alive

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