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Micro Technology Feedlot Solutions

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Advanced Micro Weigh System

  • Accurately administer feed additives to feedlot rations to within 1/100th of a gram
  • Record and trace additive amounts to loaded rations
  • Track your feed inventory with great precision
  • CFIA, USDA, EU and Natural Beef compliant

Feed Bunk Management Technology

  • Manage cattle feeding in real-time using GPS based paperless truck and bunk system
  • Reduce feed waste by feeding an exact amount at the right point during cattle growth curve
  • Schedule loads and calculate routes for efficient and accurate delivery of feed
  • Automatically maintain detailed feed records and discrepancies for each bunk

See the Micro Technology in Action

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Microbeef in action Microbeef in action Microbeef in action Microbeef in action Microbeef in action Microbeef in action

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Simon Cobban

Simon Cobban

Simon Cobban

Manager, Feedlot Solutions

I have been with UFA for nine years, but my industry experience spans more than two decades of managing, owning, operating, building, servicing and supplying the feedlot industry. Whether you require assistance with sales, feedlot technologies, micro weigh or feed truck systems, I am your ‘go-to’ guy.