Ultrasonic Rodent Chaser M792

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    Product Information

    • 2X the output as the mini units
    • 2X the coverage as the mini units
    • Ideal for large-size garages, basements, attics, etc.
    • High frequency ultrasonic sound repels rodents
    • Emits ultrasonic sound at varying volumes (peaking at 100dB) and varying frequencies (ranging from 32 to 62 kHz)
    • This technology prevents rodents from becoming accustomed to the ultrasonic sound
    • Red V LED light shows the unit is active
    • 6 ft. cord enables ideal placement
    • Less than a penny a day in energy costs
    • No chemicals or poisons
    • Cannot be heard by humans and non-rodent pets
    • Use anywhere indoors
    • Rodent activity is reduced in 6-10 days

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    Ultrasonic Rodent Chaser M792

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