Get Control of Flea Beetles

Canola is most vulnerable to insect damage in its early stages – those tender cotyledons and first leaves are easy targets for flea beetles. Most canola seed comes pre-treated with an insecticidal product to help mitigate early feeding damage, and now there’s a powerful new offering called BUTEO® start.

BUTEO start is a Group 4 systemic insecticide that offers immediate and effective protection against striped and crucifer flea beetles.

Rapid uptake and movement through the plant means BUTEO start delivers higher concentrations to cotyledons and leaf margins, helping to ensure
plants are strong from the very start, even in dry conditions. That, in turn, helps to reduce the need for in-crop rescue treatments, while aiding in more uniform flowering and maturity with quicker canopy closure.

The active ingredient in BUTEO start, flupyradifurone, is new to the canola seed treatment category and different from the neonicotinoids you’re more familiar with.

UFA will offer BUTEO start alongside Prosper® Evergol® for a one-two punch against flea beetles.


Fortenza® Advanced canola seed treatment is available from Syngenta for advanced control of striped and crucifer flea beetles, as well as cutworms. It combines two proven insecticides – sulfoxaflor (Group 4A) and cyantraniliprole (Group 28) – in one simple solution to protect canola from these devastating early-season insects and reduce the likelihood you will have to spray a foliar insecticide early in the season.

Fortenza® Advanced will always be paired with a base seed treatment like Helix® Vibrance® for a third seed applied insecticide, plus four fungicides for control of seed-borne Alternaria, blackleg, and seedling disease complex caused by Pythium, Fusarium, and Rhizoctonia spp. This means a simple offering for you to choose from: a base seed treatment alone, or the added protection of Fortenza® Advanced.

Fortenza Advanced +  Standard Treatment
6.2 seedlings/ft2 53% survival*
Standard Treatment
5.7 seedlings/ft2 49% survival*

Syngenta Field Trial
Photos taken by Syngenta in Fairview, AB on June 10, 2019.

Performance evaluations are based on internal trials, field observations and/or public information. Data from multiple locations and years should be consulted whenever possible. Individual results may vary depending on local growing, soil and weather conditions.
Always read and follow label directions. Fortenza® Advanced is an on-seed application of Fortenza Seed Treatment insecticide and Rascendo® Seed Treatment insecticide.
Fortenza®, Helix®, Rascendo® and Vibrance® are registered trademarks of a Syngenta Group Company.

Get Control of Flea Beetles

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