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Very Happy with the Crew

Very happy with the crew and Judy at UFA. The crew was clean and efficient, easy to talk to and communicate with. Great job on my building. UFA worked from start to finish [and] the crew was very focused on completing the task at hand

– Chris Hansen


Very happy with this building project.

Our UFA Building Representative was very helpful with lining up the building for us. The building crew showed up and finished everything in a timely manner and everything was built to a superior quality.

– Steve Block


Another job well done!

We appreciate Jerry and the crew from UFA; they offer us great quality products and excellent service!

– JR Thompson


Very Happy

Very happy with the quality of the building. Set-up crew was excellent as was my UFA Building Representative.

– Wayne Fleming


A job well done

We were very happy that everything happened as promised and the crew stayed on the job until it was finished. Judy and the crew were a pleasure to work with. Thank you for a job well done!

– Ron & Lil Hildebrandt


Quality product on schedule

The UFA team was great to work with; very responsive and helpful with a great sense of humour! Our questions were answered promptly and any issues were dealt with quickly and effectively. The build team was quick and efficient, delivering a quality product on schedule. We’re very happy with our choice to purchase from UFA!

– Albert Anderson


Great to work with

UFA was great to work with from the initial planning stages of the building to the finished product. The project was completed ahead of schedule and on budget. The construction crew paid very close attention to detail, respected the area and maintained a very clean site. We will definitely be getting UFA to construct our next barn.

– Polak Ag Enterprises


Overall very happy

The crew was great, we would hire them again! Despite a few delays and minor adjustments, Dean was very kind and easy to deal with. Overall I was very happy!

– Sonya Herrington


Outstanding work

Excellent level ground work and building. It was clean, fast, good quality, prompt and well discussed. Outstanding work and job well done!

– Duane Cunningham


We would recommend UFA

The entire experience was a good one, right from ordering our package to having it built. Any issues that arose were immediately dealt with. We would recommend UFA to anyone!

 Dallas Lebepynski


Happy with all aspects of the job

From the time I contacted Judy to the time the job was done, I was satisfied with what was going on. The crew was excellent and I was pleased with their work. The price Judy quoted was the price I paid. I am happy with all aspects of the job.

– Henry Lynass


Very satisfied

I am very happy with my new building and was very satisfied with UFA and their crew.

– SLD Farms


Extremely Good Job

The builders did an extremely good job! I’m fussy with my investments, but I can tell that these guys pay attention to detail with pride in their work, which isn’t necessarily easy to find in today’s world.

I became more and more impressed with my building as it progressed. Built extremely strong with fantastic workmanship!

Laverne McMann


Definitely would recommend UFA

We purchased a 42’ x 60’ building package (shell only) from UFA and we are extremely satisfied with the structure. We're very happy with the service and we would not hesitate to use UFA again.

Judy Cowan and the UFA - Red Deer team were exceptionally helpful through the whole process and conducted themselves in a very professional manner. Judy was knowledgeable, fast, efficient and excellent to deal with.

-Lynne & Rod Croy


Very happy with the sales staff at UFA

Very happy with the building supply sales person, Phil Lalonde. He was very good at getting everything organized and involved himself with every aspect of the project. He was at the site to estimate, and when materials arrived he made sure everything was there. He also came during construction and after to make sure that I was satisfied. This project was a repair of a shed that was constructed by another company. In the future I look forward to having all of my buildings erected by UFA.

– Paul Lafreniere


Customer Reviews

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