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At UFA, we stand behind every product we recommend. The American Petroleum Institute (API) is calling for a new category of Heavy Duty Engine Oils, which is set to roll out on December 1, 2016. UFA’s Agents and Certifi ed Lubrication Specialists (CLS) are here to help you through the changes to ensure you are getting the most out of your equipment.​

What is PC-11?

PC-11 is a new specification for heavy duty engine oils, set by API and separated into two categories CK-4 and FA-4.​​​​


API CK-4 will replace API CJ-4 to provide enhanced performance benefi ts. It will be compatible in your current and older diesel engines.​​


FA-4 is designed to meet new engine specifi cations and allow for increases in fuel economy for new diesel engines.


Why PC-11?​​

The key drivers of the spec changes include:​​

  • Advanced changes in modern engine technology
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions due to higher environmental standards

The new product​s offer enhanced performance benefits including:

  • Improved oxidation resistance
  • Shear stability
  • Aeration control​​​


Get the most out of the latest lubricant technology.

Please contact your local UFA Petroleum Agent or click below for more information.​

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