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Dieselex Gold

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Now available at UFA High River and Cardston.

Dieselex Gold is a precision blended diesel fuel engineered to improve performance through restoring lost horespower, improving fuel efficiency and protecting today’s sophisticated fuel systems.

Dieselex Gold is formulated with eight components to take you further:

  • Cetane improver: Starts engines faster and produces lower emissions
  • Detergent: Cleans injectors for restored horsepower
  • Corrosion inhibitor: Protects metal from rust and corrosion
  • Lubricity enhancer: Extends fuel pump and injector life
  • Oxidation inhibitor: Improves filter and fuel storage life
  • Stabilizing Agents: Maintain fuel integrity and extend filter life
  • Demulsifier: Separates “free” moisture from diesel fuel
  • Moisture control: Carries dissolved moisture through combustion

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With Dieselex Gold, customers experience faster engine starts, improved fuel efficiency, extended storage life, reduced wear, enhanced fuel system life and controlled moisture accumulation. With reduced maintenance, fewer repairs and less downtime, these all can lead to real cost savings for your operation.

How do I get Dieselex Gold?

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How quickly will I notice a difference in performance using Dieselex Gold?

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What happens if I have an old fuel tank?

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Does Dieselex Gold affect the shelf life of the fuel?

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How does Dieselex Gold work with biodiesel.

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