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Dieselex Gold

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Dieselex Gold is a precision blended diesel fuel engineered to improve performance through restoring lost horsepower, improving fuel efficiency and protecting today’s sophisticated fuel systems.


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Million Mile Tear Down

See what an engine looks like after 1,000,000 miles on Dieselex Gold.

8 components that take you further

With Dieselex Gold, customers experience faster engine starts, improved fuel efficiency, extended storage life, reduced wear, enhanced fuel system life and controlled moisture accumulation. With reduced maintenance, fewer repairs and less downtime, these all can lead to real cost savings for your operation.


Cetane improver

Starts engines faster and produces lower emissions



Cleans injectors for restored horsepower


Corrosion inhibitor

Protects metal from rust and corrosion


Lubricity enhancer

Extends fuel pump and injector life


Oxidation inhibitor

Improves filter and fuel storage life


Stabilizing Agents

Maintain fuel integrity and extend filter life



Separates “free” moisture from diesel fuel


Moisture control

Carries dissolved moisture through combustion

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You Might Be Asking...

Where do I get Dieselex Gold?

The product is available in bulk and at cardlock through select UFA Petroleum Agencies.

When will I notice a difference in performance?

The time to notice a difference varies depending on the mileage of your vehicle. Generally you will start to see a difference after 2-3 tanks, once the detergent properties have time to start cleaning up injectors and restoring horsepower. For newer engines, the difference will be less significant as the product will work to keep your engine clean and maintain the performance.

What happens if I have an old fuel tank?

Dieselex Gold’s detergents will begin to clean up your fuel over time. If you have an older tank that has experienced some corrosion you may find a need to replace the filter on your fuel tank as Dieselex Gold cleans up the tank and removes contaminants preventing them from getting into your engine.

How does Dieselex Gold work with biodiesel.

Dieselex Gold has been developed and thoroughly tested to up to B20.

Does Dieselex Gold affect the shelf life of the fuel?

We understand that in Agriculture fuel often sits in equipment between seasons, Dieselex Gold was designed with this in mind. The oxidation inhibitor in the product slows the oxidation process to decrease gum and deposit formation to extend fuel storage life. In addition, the stabilizing agents in the product help maintain fuel integrity.