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Fueling your business. When and where you need it.

Keeping your operation up and running, be it commercial, industrial or agricultural, is your top priority. We get that. And it’s why UFA’s Petroleum division was designed to put your needs first.


Onsite, in the field, or in the driver’s seat

Count on us for high-quality fuels, premium national brand lubricants, DEF, and coolants - when and where you need them. We will also make sure you’ve got the proper storage to fuel your operation.

Come fill up at one of our 110 fuel locations across Western Canada, or call us to have fuel delivered.

With a UFA Cardlock card, you get year-round 24/7 access, tracked to a single invoice across multiple locations. We also offer powerful online portals to help you manage your business. Use Card Link Online to manage one or mo​re Cardlock cards. Use myUFA to access your UFA profile and manage investments, statements, invoices, purchases, credit availability and payments.

Over 110 locations in 3 provinces

Bulk Fuel Deliveries​

Here’s a whole new definition of full-service. UFA will bring your fuel to you, wherever you are in the field or on the jobsite.

What you can get with UFA's bulk delivery service:
Quality Assurance Pr​ogram

UFA sources fuel from Alberta’s best then we put it to the test. Our fuel quality assurance program ensures you get high-quality fuels year-round for optimal power, efficiency and engine performance.

Lubricants and Filters

Premium-Brand Lubricants and Filters

UFA carries Shell and Chevron lubricants, known for performance, efficiency and global leadership in research and development. The UFA Lubricant brand offers a selection of high quality products at a value price. Plus, we only stock industry proven Baldwin filtration products. 

We stand behind every one of the products we recommend, because they meet or exceed Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements.


Tank Solutions

Delivery and storage, when and where you need it.

Want somewhere better to put your fuel? UFA can make sure you’ve got the right fuel storage system to suit your operation and manage all your requirements. We carry Meridian and Westeel fuel storage solutions, which are known for quality options and environmental safety.

Tank Rentals

Do your​ fuel needs fluctuate enough to make permanent storage a non-starter? Why not put our rental program to work for you and manage your fuel and storage requirements, with confidence. We’ll put a tank where you need it and keep it full until your work is done.

View tank rental benefits


Call UFA’s Fuel Storage Specialists at 1-888-832-3455 to determine the best solution for managing your fuel and storage requirements.



If you want access to fuel 24/7 at locations convenient to you, you’ve come to the right place.

UFA has the most extensive petroleum network and Cardlock DEF locations, providing single-card access to clear and dyed fuel for commercial, industrial and agricultural customers across Western Canada. Cardholders have year-round 24/7 access, through a single UFA Cardlock Card which tracks to a single invoice across multiple locations.

Over 110 locations  > Open 24 hours a day > 365 days a year.

Apply for a Card

Talk to your local petroleum agent for a credit application & CardLock Fuel Requirement Form and sign-up for a UFA Cardlock Card today.

To sign-up for a Fuel Link card: 1) Become a member, 2) Open a Card Link Online® Account, 3) Request a Fuel Link card, 4) Activate & Verify at the UFA Petroleum location.

Lost or Stolen Card

To report a lost or stolen card, please call us at 1-877-661-3835. We will de-activate your old card and issue a new one.


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