UFA Upgrades Petroleum Agency at Strathmore

Sixteen-week project set to start mid-June

May 14, 2018—CALGARY, AB—United Farmers of Alberta Ltd. (“UFA”) announced today its plans to upgrade the Strathmore Petroleum Agency, located at 59 Spruce Park Drive in Strathmore, Alberta.

The project officially starts June 11 and will take approximately 16 weeks to complete, says Steven Marshall, Director of Petroleum Operations at UFA.

“UFA remains committed to reinvesting in our infrastructure and the rebuild at Strathmore will allow us to better serve our members and customers in a very busy community,” said Marshall.

Marshall said the agency will retain its office and lubricant shed, along with the bulk loading rack. “Five new islands will replace those currently located on the north side of the agency, and will include four high-speed lanes.”

In addition to the eight above ground fuel storage tanks, a new underground Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank will be installed. “This will enable us to serve our diesel customers with the DEF product with easy-to-use dispensers, located in two of the high-speed lanes,” said Marshall.

“UFA is very happy to be able to rebuild this Cardlock in Strathmore. It is the continued support of our members and customers, as well as the hard work of our agents, that allows us to serve our petroleum customers in the region,” said Mike Hutchinson, Petroleum Area Manager at UFA.

The product tanks currently onsite will be removed, tested, painted and returned to a newly constructed tank farm area. The project is also set to include New Wayne dispensers, pumps, operating equipment and an electrical shed.

Marshall said UFA remains committed to ensuring environmental compliance of all sites, and will assess and correct any issues as part of the construction project.

The project will take the duration of the summer months and is scheduled to reopen sometime late-September.

UFA Upgrades Petroleum Agency at Strathmore

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