A Message from UFA's President & CEO

To our valued members,

It’s an unprecedented time for Canada and the rest of the World with the recent outbreak of COVID-19. The cases in Canada continue to grow, and news of the virus is rapidly evolving.

As the President and CEO of UFA, I want to assure you that your co-operative remains committed to serving in the best interests of our members our customers and our team.

We were built by farmers for farmers, and we are here to serve you now. Our industry is not for the faint-hearted. We don’t get knocked down easily. We get back up, we dust ourselves off, and we look towards the horizon knowing a better day is ahead.

UFA is here to help prepare you. For now and for that better day. There are challenges we are facing, but they are challenges we face together.

We are taking the necessary steps to keep our store environments safe. We have increased the frequency of cleaning at all sites and are regularly disinfecting high-touch and high-traffic areas including checkout counters, point of sale machines and door handles.

Our team is practicing preventative measures including the frequent washing of hands and the practice of social distancing. If they feel unwell, they stay home, knowing their job is protected.

We are working with our suppliers to secure the products you need and placing reasonable limitations on products in high demand to ensure there is enough for everyone.

And we are advocating on your behalf. We have been working with government officials to ensure you continue to have the access you need to the essential products and services critical to maintaining your operation.

Our sites are open. And our team is ready to serve.

Through my years with UFA, I have personally witnessed the resiliency of our members and the dedication of our team. But I can truly say I have never been more proud. Our team has been working tirelessly to ensure our sites remain safe and protected with a reliable supply of products secured. And I know our members remain committed to maintaining operations to provide the essential products needed to replenish Canada’s food supply.

We are working around the clock to ensure our stores remain open for you. We ask for your patience during what will continue to be a trying time for us all. And we thank you for the respect and care you have already demonstrated to our team.

The road ahead is not easy, but we believe in the decisions of our leaders and the efforts of our healthcare workers. We are all facing these challenges together. And with members by our side, I am confident we will all get to the better day ahead.

Thank you,

Scott Bolton

President & CEO

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A Message from UFA's President & CEO

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