New Class 1 driver’s licence regulations

Farmers seeking Class 1 driver’s licences can apply for one-year exemption from new MELT program

United Farmers of Alberta Co-operative Ltd. is pleased that Transportation Minister Brian Mason has heard farmers’ concerns and will be allowing agricultural workers to apply for a one-year exemption from the Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) as part of the new Class 1 driver’s licence regulations. The new rules are set to come into effect March 1, 2019.

Understanding that the March 1 timing of the new rules could have significantly impacted many farmers’ ability to hire properly trained and licensed drivers prior to seeding the 2019 crop, the Government of Alberta has proposed the extension to address these concerns in the short-term.

UFA agrees that proper training is important to improve the safety of our roads. However, the unintended consequences of the March 1 timing for the MELT program were concerning to farmers. UFA is pleased that the Government of Alberta has considered the concerns raised and will work together with the industry and officials towards making our roads, and the people who travel them, safe.

Further information from the Government of Alberta can be found here.

New Class 1 driver’s licence regulations

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