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The Canadian Agricultural Partnership is now accepting applications for the following programs:

Farm Water

Application forms for this program can only be obtained from an Agriculture and Forestry (AF) Water Specialist after your Long-Term Water Management Plan (LTWMP) has been approved (see details below). Projects must be identified in a LTWMP that has been approved by an AF Water Specialist prior to starting any construction work or incurring any expenses. The Farm Water Supply Program is not an emergency program.

Program purpose

This program will:

  • support producers to improve their water supply security and more effectively and efficiently manage their on-farm water resources
  • support producers to protect their water resources through beneficial management practices; and
  • provide technical assistance to producers to complete an assessment for the management of their water resources (e.g., Long-Term Water Management Plan).


Program highlights

The Farm Water Supply Program shares costs relating to enhancements of a producer's on-farm water supply management, arising from a Long-Term Water Management Plan (LTWMP). These eligible costs are offered through Standard and Special Incentive projects described in detail in the Farm Water Supply Program Funding List.

Grants are available on a first-come, first-served basis for a variety of water sourcing, conservation and protection projects if they are previously identified in the producer's approved LTWMP and meet the program's Terms and Conditions.

To find out more about the program visit or to speak with an AF Water Specialist, please contact the Ag-Info Centre at 310-FARM (3276).

Irrigation Efficiency

Program purpose

The purpose of this program is to increase water savings and reduce energy use in irrigated agriculture by assisting producers with the purchase of more efficient irrigation equipment and systems.

This program assists producers with eligible costs incurred for the purchase and installation of a new low-pressure centre (LPCP) pivot irrigation system, a drip irrigation system or an upgrade of an existing irrigation system.

Eligible activities include:

Applicants are only eligible to receive one payment per parcel of land under the program. For each parcel, applicants are eligible to receive either:

  • 40% of the eligible costs, up to a maximum of $5,000, for:
    • equipment upgrades on the parcel; or
    • an upgrade on the parcel from an existing irrigation system to a surface drip irrigation system;

  • $15,000 of the eligible costs for an upgrade on the parcel from a gravity, side-wheel or high-pressure centre pivot irrigation system to a new LPCP system or a subsurface drip irrigation system.

Eligible equipment upgrades include:

  • new low-pressure centre pivot to replace a gravity, side-wheel or high-pressure centre pivot,
  • retrofit of a high-pressure centre pivot to a low-pressure centre pivot, including booster pumps, nozzle packages and pump modifications,
  • high-efficiency sprinkler nozzles and related equipment to upgrade an existing low-pressure centre pivot,
  • variable-rate irrigation equipment (controllers and software),
  • control panel upgrades, including base stations for telemetry,
  • surface or subsurface drip irrigation to replace gravity, side-wheel or high pressure centre pivot.

Stewardship Producer

Program purpose:

The purpose of the Environmental Stewardship and Climate Change - Producer program is to support producers in reducing negative impacts on the environment while enhancing sustainable production, managing climate change and increasing profitability in the agriculture sector.

​Eligible activities include:

The focus of the program will be on activities and practices that:

  • reduce the risks to agricultural contaminants entering water
  • enhance sustainable production while mitigating carbon emissions that impact air and soil quality
  • help producers manage and adapt to climate change.

Activities include (but are not limited to) Beneficial Management Practices, such as:

  • watering systems
  • riparian fencing
  • livestock facility management
  • improved manure storage facilities
  • manure application
  • sectional controls
  • agricultural plastic bag rollers
  • shelterbelts.

For more information about any of the CAP programs:

Phone: 310-FARM (3276)

Stewardship Group

Program purpose

The purpose of the Environmental Stewardship and Climate Change - Group program is to support extension delivery, carry out applied research, and strategically manage data (through producer groups and agricultural organizations) that improve producer understanding of key environmental practices that, when implemented, can increase market access for the producer.

Eligible activities include:

This program aims to benefit Alberta's agriculture industry by funding organizations, associations, and other groups to deliver extension, carry out applied research, and strategically manage data.. A merit-based approval process will be followed, with two application intake cycles per year.

Activities funded by this program will help industry to protect or improve water quality and soil health, to position itself for success in a low-carbon economy, and to adapt operations to climate change.


Projects funded under this opportunity will help the agriculture industry:

  • Minimize wasted resources and optimize efficiencies
  • Implement strategies around risks and opportunities associated with its greenhouse gas emissions
  • Develop standards and strategies in relation to regional and international sustainability initiatives
  • Protect or improve market access through environmental practices

    Am I eligible for this program?

    The following groups, located in Alberta, are eligible to apply:
  • Applied Research Associations
  • Forage Associations
  • Agricultural Commodity Groups
  • Rural Municipalities
  • Agricultural Watershed Groups.


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