Spring Calving

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UFA Spring Calving Video Series

Watch this video series for valuable tips from industry experts.

Proper Feeding of Colostrum​​​​

​​Chapter 1​


​Chapter 2​


Calving Preparedness

​​Chapter 1​


​​Chapter 2​


​The Importance of Having a Good Maternity Pen​

Chapter 1​


​​Chapter 2


Spring Calving Guide | Checklist | Record Book

Spring Calving Guide ​

​Use the Spring Calving Guide for advice on: Treatment and Prevention of Calf Scours, Chelates Use, Calving Equipment and much more! 

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Calving Checklist ​

​We have the products you need to help ensure you are ready for spring calving. 
Use our handy ‘Calving Essentials Checklist’ as a review, while preparing for your newborns this season. 

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