UFA Fall Nutritonal Video Series

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​​Photo of a herd of cows close up

We talked to D.J. Woodward from ADM Animal Nutrition recently on three important topics when getting your herd ready for winter. D.J. offers up some best practice suggestions and nutritional tips on maximizing grazing, fall conditioning and scientific advice on cattle digestion in this Fall Nutritional video series.

Watch Video One

Maximize Fall Grazing with Free
Choice Supplements

Discover the advantages of free choice​
supplements over hand-fed supplements.


Watch Video Two

Fall Conditioning – Making Your Cows Work for You

It can cost twice as much to improve cattle body condition in the spring. Find out three key reasons fall provides the best opportunity ​to put weight on a cow.


Watch Video Three

The Dollars and $ense of Managing Rumen Microbes

Learn about rumen microbes and why they are ​so important in maximizing profitability.