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We know cows.

And horses, and chickens, and ducks, and pigs, and sheep, and turkeys – you name it, if you’re raising animals, we know it’s all about keeping them healthy and productive, which is why UFA carries a variety of feeds and good selection of your livestock production needs.

Many of our qualified staff come from the farm themselves and are well versed on the needs of today’s livestock​ producers. Check out our lineup of animal health, handling and feed products such as beef minerals, supplements, cattle identification tags, fence posts, tools, gates, panels, twine, shavings, equine supplies… we’ve even got pet food.

UFA has been your ranch partner for generations, so if you’re a livestock producer in Alberta, you probably already know that we’ve got a valuable selection of what​ you’re looking for!

Cattle ID

Ah...record keeping. Every rancher’s favourite job. Cattle identification is a big job to be sure, and having the proper ID systems and tools is a must. UFA has what you need to keep track of each animal, it’s health and production history and everything else you need to make record keeping as simple as possible.

UFA offers custom printing available on all visual tags.


When you’re working with animals, you want to be sure your handling system can handle any situation. UFA carries its own excellent line of gates and panels, Prairie and Magnum.

We carry parts for all major brand products that we sell. If yours needs fixing, we can help.


Feed me! Sometimes it seems as if all our animals want to do is eat and eat and eat. UFA has its own exclusive line of livestock and pet food that will keep all your critters, large and lap-sized, happy.

UFA sells feed (ProStock and other leading brands) for most animal species, including cattle, poultry, swine, equine, sheep, exotics and last but not least, your pets.



They say good fences make good neighbours. We don’t know about that, but we do know a good fence keeps your livestock out of your neighbour’s yard – even buffalo. UFA carries a huge array of fencing supplies from pliers to posts from barbs to braid. Whether you’re looking for an electrified solution or just a plain three-wire job, we have you covered.


Here’s what we know about livestock producers: they love their jobs. We know they want the best for their animals and will do anything to make sure they stay healthy, happy and productive.

UFA is here to help with a full range of over-the-counter livestock health products, from horse dewormers, colostrum, cattle implants, cattle pour-ons, syringes and needles, electrolytes – the list is long because we know you have a lot of needs. If you’re looking for calving supplies, disinfectants, medical instruments, parasite control products – we’ve got those too.

And for those times when your animals need more serious medicine like antibiotics or vaccines, all 34 UFA Farm Store locations are licensed for Authorized Medicine Sales.

Shelters & Sheds

Who doesn’t like a good shed? Certainly not us! UFA has a huge selection to choose from, from small 8’x10’ sheds up to 10’x24’ horse and tack shelters. Need something closer to the house for lawn tools, your ATV, a shelter for calves, or just somewhere to store your seed or chemical UFA has it.

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