Director Nomination

2021 Board of Director Elections

Many of our stories began in rural Alberta and at UFA we are proud of the historical journey that began right here in our backyard. Agriculture fuels every part of our existence feeding the world, supplying its energy and driving the economy. There is no other industry that has more impact socially, economically and physically than agriculture. 

UFA’s achievements and successes are significant. For more than 110 years, our co-operative has served the businesses and communities of farmers and ranchers. We believe it’s essential to provide value that goes beyond a product and a price.  Our co-operative has and will always be guided by what’s best for our members and the communities they live and work in.

If you believe in co-operatives; and if you have a mind for agriculture, an eye for business, and a passion for making a difference, then we need your expertise and character to help lead our agricultural co-operative into the future. This is your opportunity to share in our legacy, and to have the opportunity to ensure prosperity for our rural communities.

UFA members are represented by 42 elected delegates, who in turn elect its board of 11 directors. This year, we’re seeking candidates to fill 4 director positions.

Requirements of a Director

It is their role to govern the co-operative; provide strategic direction; represent ownership; understand the needs of members and owners; and ensure the senior leadership team acts in the best interests of members. Board members have a fiduciary duty to act honestly and in good faith, with a view to the best interests of UFA. Directors attend quarterly board meetings and any additional meetings or committee meetings as required. 

We’re seeking nominations for candidates who meet the criteria and possess specific skills and experience in the following areas: 

  • Individuals who will uphold co-operative values in both word and action.
  • Effective communicators, strong decision-makers who have depth in one or more of the following: corporate and co-operative governance, strategic planning, risk management, financial literacy, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate leadership. 
  • Individuals who are leaders in the Alberta farming and business community with knowledge and experience gained from working in agriculture, farming/ranching, co-operatives, and businesses generally (ownership and leadership) and from serving on boards. 
  • Individuals with in-depth knowledge in one or more of the following: petroleum, banking and finance, human resources, accounting and auditing, corporate planning, retailing in the North American context and other related business disciplines and practices. 
  • Gender diversity, seeking females to provide greater gender balance on the board.
  • Exhibits UFA’s core values and acts with exceptional ethical integrity and in the best interests of UFA. Ability to speak with one voice, unified and solidly standing behind joint decisions. Collaborative in approach, constructive in tone, and respectful to management, employees, delegates, members and other stakeholders of UFA. 
  • Always willing to listen, learn, and develop.  Able to apply learning and make wise strategic decisions. 


Criteria applying to the selection of board candidates:

  • Knowledgeable and current with issues, trends and matters pertaining to UFA business.
  • Possesses modern analytical, planning, governance and other business tools.
  • Sustains a positive track record and association with effective, successful organizations and initiatives.
  • Ability to challenge management and the board in a highly constructive way.
  • Evidence of good judgment and maturity with a high degree of ethics and integrity.
  • Able to commit approximately 25-40 days annually, terms vary from 1-4 years.
  • Meets the eligibility requirements to serve as a director on the board as per the nomination form.


Each must meet the criterion of independence as outlined in the UFA by-laws, be free from any real or perceived conflicts of interest with UFA and be sufficiently independent from UFA so that decision-making is not impaired. 

Active Participation

Each must be prepared to assume at least one committee role soon after joining the Board and be prepared to consider committee chair roles in the future.
Each must have the appetite and ability to participate actively in the work of the Board and be able to commit the time to doing so.
Each must be prepared to accept advice and mentoring, as well as being able to give it. 

Skills and experience as described earlier.

Character Attributes:

All UFA Directors should possess the following character attributes, aligning with and demonstrating UFA's core values: Accountability, Performance, Collaboration, Respect, Progressive Thinking, Integrity and Agility.

Nomination Process

The nomination and election process is overseen on behalf of the assembly by a nominating committee, consisting of two board members and two delegates. The nominating committee receives applications, recruits candidates and qualifies candidates based on the eligibility requirements, skills, experience and attributes defined by the Board of Directors. Elections are then held at the annual general meeting.

Key Dates

​Call for nominations

​September 11, 2020

​Nomination close

​4pm, November 1, 2020

​Qualifying process, including interviews with nominating committee

​November 18-29, 2020

​Nominees advised of candidacy

​Prior to December 15, 2020

​Distribution of 2021 Election Guide (includes candidate information)

January 27, 2021

2021 elections​

March 12, 2021 Calgary​​​

Need More Information? 

For a complete nomination package, this includes director responsibilities, requirements, compensation, nomination form and details pertaining to the election process, please call 587-226-6348 or email

Steps to Submit a Nomination

Fill out the "Board of Director Nomination Form - Part 1" below and click submit. Once you have submitted your nomination, you will be directed to the thank you page where you will be required to click on the "Board of Director Nomination Form - Part 2" and then follow the instructions provided.

Board of Directors Nomination Form - Part 1

Director Nomination

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