Grain Handler Continuous Mix Flow Grain Dryer GH1610

Model # GH1610

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    With mix-flow grain drying designs originating in Alberta, Grain Handler Mix Flow Grain Dryers have been proven on the prairies for decades. The well-known performance has given producers the capability of managing their harvest more effectively by extending their days of harvest allowing them to continue harvesting in higher moisture conditions.

    • Mixed Flow grain dryers can dry all types of grains.
    • Lower energy costs and higher retention time in dryer results in a higher quality and test weight grain.
    • Larger holding capacity allows grain to be tempered over a longer period, resulting in less stress cracks in the grain.
    • Even and consistent heating and cooling of the grain columns.
    • Fuel source options available: Propane & Natural Gas
    • Low maintenance, no screens to clean.
    • 5-Year limited warranty on all models.
    • Food grade quality drying of any grain commodity.
    • 40-45 CFM of air per bu. versus 80-100 CFM on cross flow grain dryers, means less fuel consumption.
    • All models are designed with an enclosed top, which eliminates moisture problems with rain & snow
    • Built with heavy gauge steel top to bottom, allowing for easy addition of tiers for future growth and expansion.
      • GH1610 can expand to GH1626
    • GH1610 Dry & Cool CANOLA 5% at 573 bushel per hour / WHEAT 5% at 962 bushels per hour

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    Grain Handler Continuous Mix Flow Grain Dryer GH1610

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