Meridian GrainMax Smoothwall Bin - GM 2300

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    Product Information

    Meridian provides a number of storage solutions for farm applications including Grain Max, Multi-Purpose and Feed bins. Grain Max is comparable to corrugated hopper bins without bolt or ribs. Its seamless design allows for safer and easier unload. The heavier multi-purpose offers versatility for feed, fertilizer, seed and grain. Powder coated for better clean-out.

    • Superior self clean-out
    • No entry concerns
    • Versatile for multi uses
    • Can be placed on gravel or concrete pad
    • Life span 40-plus years
    • Manway
    • Bin lip opener
    • View glass x 3
    Model: GM 2300
    Article: 1087915
    Poke Hole: No
    Manhole: No
    Vent: No
    Bin Height: 27'
    Auger Length: 46'
    Bushel Capacity: 2301
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    Meridian GrainMax Smoothwall Bin - GM 2300

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