Chevron HDAX 9200 Low Ash - 18.9L

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    Description:  Premium performance, low ash, dispersant/detergent type gas engine oil. It offers robust component protection even under heavy loads, and is designed for use in natural gas applications.


    • Long oil life – Formulated with a combination of premium base oils and high performance additives for extended oil drains*. Excellent oxidation and nitration resistance, with a strong alkaline reserve that has the ability to protect against the effects of acidic attack and oxidation, significantly prolonging the service life of the oil.
    • Clean pistons – Offers combustion chamber and piston deposit control, liner protection, sludge and wear control, and corrosion protection.
    • Minimized valve recession – The unique ashproducing additives in the oil allow minimal valve recession with low levels of combustion chamber deposits, to minimize the potential for pre-ignition and spark plug fouling.
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    Chevron HDAX 9200 Low Ash - 18.9L

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