Shell Spirax HD 80W-90 - 20L

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    Product Information

    Description: Designed for service in the drive train gears of heavily loaded equipment and passenger vehicles.


    • Superior Load Carrying Ability - The EP additives contained in all Spirax HD oils provide excellent, long lasting protection against scuffing and minimize wear, even in the toughest operating conditions.
    • Superior Thermal and Oxidation Stability - Spirax HD provides superior resistance to high temperature decomposition (breakdown). Even when operating conditions approach 150 °C, Spirax HD outperforms conventional API GL-5 lubricants. This improved thermal and oxidation stability helps ensure that deposits do not form around seals and helps maintain clean bearing surfaces to minimize wear.
    • All-Season Service – Depending on the ambient temperatures involved, Spirax HD 75W-90 and 80W-90 provide potential one grade, all-season operation. They can eliminate the need for seasonal changes and reduce the number of gear oils required.
    • Potential for Fuel Economy - Spirax HD multigrade and low temperature range features lessen frictional energy loss which improves fuel economy.

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      Shell Spirax HD 80W-90 - 20L

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