Chevron Meropa CMPD EP220 - 208L

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    Description: Premium Quality extreme pressure gear oil. Excellent load carrying capacity, water demulsibility, oxidation stability, and corrosion protection.


    • Gear set efficiencies — High thermal stability EP system helps maintain clean gear and bearing surfaces, minimizing deposits which interfere with effective lubrication. High oxidation stability limits in-service viscosity increases, which can lead to energy losses.
    • Long equipment life — Effective EP system forms a protective film in areas of metal-to-metal contact, minimizing wear rates and maintaining efficient transfer of power. Good water separation and effective rust inhibitors protect surfaces against rust and corrosion. High thermal stability additive system minimizes the formation of high temperature compounds which can be corrosive to bearing materials. The effective corrosion inhibitor provides additional protection for metal components.
    • Long oil life — Effective oxidation inhibitors and copper passivator minimize oil oxidation, limiting viscosity increase and promoting long drain intervals.


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    Chevron Meropa CMPD EP220 - 208L

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