Chevron Delo Transmission Fluid ESI - 20L

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    Product Information

    Description: Premium grade transmission fluid recommended for use in heavy duty manual transmissions. Approved for use in Eaton and Meritor transmissions.


    • Minimal wear — Delo Trans Fluid ESI is formulated to offer excellent antiwear properties. It promotes long life for gears, bearings, and seals.
    • Optimal lubricant life — The outstanding thermal and oxidation stability characteristics of Delo Trans Fluid ESI have the potential to increase drain intervals four to eight times longer than for conventional mineral-based transmission lubricants.
    • Potential fuel savings — The low friction properties of this product contribute to minimal energy consumption and low operating temperatures.
    • Exceptional value — Delo Trans Fluid ESI is comparable to the leading synthetic transmission fluids in critical engine tests without the premium price of synthetics. Its extended-drain performance, relative to conventional transmission lubricants, can result in significant lubricant and labor savings.


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    Chevron Delo Transmission Fluid ESI - 20L

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