Delegate Nomination


UFA has a unique governance structure which connects our member/owners to our co-operative roots. Geographical areas referred to as districts are governed by a “delegate” who is elected by our member/owners within the districts. If only one nomination is received per district, the candidate may be acclaimed.

Delegates use their Ag experience, knowledge of the industry and community relationships to provide insight and guidance, ensuring the voice of the member/owner is heard.

Delegates provide leadership by being an advocate for UFA and supporting and representing UFA at community events within the district they represent.

In return, delegates are provided with opportunities for professional development that include:

  • Networking
  • Governance development
  • Communication
  • Leadership

Those interested in being nominated for the position of a UFA delegate are asked to self-assess their qualifications, skills and experience. In the space provided below, please provide a summary of your skills and experience in each category. This summary and your Personal Statement of Interest will be used for the purpose of developing a communication to members regarding the candidates running for election and their respective qualifications.

Included with your nomination package you are required to provide:


Color Photo – incumbent delegates excluded

Criminal Record Check – require categories 1 of the Consent for Disclosure of Criminal Record Information. Incumbent delegates will be advised if they are required to submit a criminal record check.


All requirements are to be submitted to Mike Lenz via email at or fax to 403-570-4021.

Nominate Yourself

Do you have a stake in agriculture, a commitment to co-operatives and a passion for making a difference? If so, nominate yourself to become a Delegate with UFA and have a voice in your co-operative.

Nominations are being accepted for the following districts with vacancies: Kindersley, Oyen and Vermilion.

Nominations for all Districts are accepted year-round.

A. Eligibility Requirements Please make a selection to the following questions regarding minimum eligibility requirements.

Are you 18 years of age or older?
Are you a resident in the district in which you are seeking nomination?
Are you an employee, an agent of or hold any office of profit with UFA?
Are you a member of UFA and eligible to vote? ($2,500 in purchases in the previous calendar year of $2,000 in equity)
Do you hold any material interest in any agent of UFA or in any business in competition with UFA?
Are you a member of the Canadian House of Commons or any Provincial Legislature?
Have you been convicted of any offence under the Criminal Code of Canada for which no pardon has been issued?
Do you have any relatives employed by UFA?

B. Biography Information Please introduce yourself, including occupation, experience, co-operative experience and community involvement.

C. Personal Statement Of Interest Why would you like to be elected or re-elected as a delegate? Describe your personal attributes and interests that would make you an effective representative of members in an agricultural co-operative.

D. References Please provide two professional references.

Reference #1
Reference #2

Upon submission, you will be contacted by our Member Relations Department and will be asked to provide the following supporting documents for your nomination:

  • Color Personal Photo
  • Criminal Record Check – require category 1 of the Consent for Disclosure of Criminal Record Information.

  1. All statements made in this application are true and accurate.
  2. Any misstatements of material facts herein may cause forfeiture of my position as a delegate with UFA.

Delegate Nomination

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