QUILT 101.25L

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    A piece of the blackleg management plan. Quilt® fungicide is a broad-spectrum fungicide with preventative and curative properties. Because Quilt is systemic, it moves within the plant and is distributed toward the leaf tips, protecting the plant as it grows, as opposed to protecting only the points of contact. CEREALS: Let your flag leaf fly. Stand up for healthy yields with Quilt® fungicide. By applying Quilt fungicide at the flag leaf stage, you protect your cereal crop from leaf diseases that reduce your yield and quality. Cereal crops treated with Quilt are protected against rusts, tan spot, powdery mildew and Septoria. Registered on all wheat and barley varieties, Quilt safeguards your investment and your profitability. PULSES: We know a thing or two about disease control. With two powerful active ingredients, Quilt® fungicide protects and preserves pulse crop yield and quality. With preventative and curative disease protection, it has maximum uptake for fast disease knockdown, systemic activity, locally and into new growth.

    Active ingredients: Azoxystrobin & propiconazole

    Length (in.) 22
    Width (in.) 22
    Height (in.) 41
    Weight (lb.) 235
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    QUILT 101.25L

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