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Seed is everything. It's the most basic crop input, and one that you spend a lot of time and money on. P​rotect that investment​ by using a seed treatment to achieve optimal stand establishment, particularly if early season growing conditions are less than ideal. UFA carries a wide range of pre​mium cereal and pulse seed treatments that help protect seeds, shoots and roots from early-season disease and insect pests so your crop can get off to a strong start. To view our cereal seed treatments, see below.​



For pulse growers out there, we also carry a leading range of inoculants to help your plants form ​ample root nodules as they grow. Whatever your preferred formulation – liquid, peat or granular – we can supply the right product for the crop, ensure seed treatment compatibility, and you're on your way to great stand establishment! To view our pulse inoculants, see below.​​​​

BASF (Nodulator® Brands)
Monsanto BioAg™
UAP Canada
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Cereal and Pulse Production Guide


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