Essential Nutrients

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Don’t Risk Limiting Your Crops Genetic Potential

If "NPKS" is an old familiar friend, then "CuZn" is the younger cousin out to impress! Plants need micronutrients like copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), boron (B) and magnesium (Mg), but applying them is not at all like applying macros – some are mobile, some are not; some should be soil applied, others foliar; they need to be applied in different amounts, depending on plant stage; all of them should be as soluble as possible, and they have to be applied at the right​ time and in the right form to get the crop response you're looking for.​​

If the very thought of working through the finer points of micronutrients sets your teeth on edge, or if you love the challenge of figuring it all out, UFA can help you get where you need to be with these inputs. We have our own proprietary line of essential micronutrient products designed to give your crops the nutritional boost they need, when they need it. And they are tank mixable with most herbicides and fungicides.  

Our prices are competitive and our agronomists are ready to assist in creating a successful plan from planting through harvest. To ensure you get the varieties that are right for your farm, call a Customer Account Manager (CAM) near you and book your seed today!

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