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We know that choosing the right canola variety is not as simple as black & white. There is a wide spectrum of varieties out there to choose from. Our Customer Account Managers (CAMs)​ are your trusted advisor's​ who can help you make the right choices when looking for the best top-yielding hybrids with the disease packages,maturity ratings and quality characteristics you need on your farm.

We source canola seed from Canada’s best seed companies with proven track records of quality and performance. We can help to make the decision making process clearer!

​Click he​​re​ to view the full 2017 Canola Guide – a publication full of important agronomic information when it comes to choosing and growing your canola - from maturity and seed treatment charts to info on pod shatter technology, genetic traits and early pest control options. To review the seed treatment product options and deadlines click here​.



NEW InVigor® L230
NEW InVigor® L233P (SOLD OUT)
InVigor® L130
InVigor® L135C (SOLD OUT)
InVigor® L140P​
InVigor® L241C
InVigor® L252
InVigor® 5440


DEKALB® 75-45 RR​
DEKALB® 75-65 RR
DEKALB® 73-15 RR  
DEKALB® 74-54 RR
DEKALB® 74-44 BL Limited Quantity Available
Yield Pioneer 45H31 yielded 95.7% of 74-44 BL in 2011-2015 DEKALB Market Development Trials
Days to Maturity 0 (DEKALB Check)
Growing Zones All
Lodging Resistance Very good
Height Medium
Agronomic Trait
GENRR; Multi-Genic Blackleg Resistance
Blackleg Rating 
R (Resistant)
Fusarium Wilt Resistance R (Resistant)
Comment A broad acre product that offers outstanding yield potential and multi-genic blackleg resistance. Excellent combine ease with option for straight cutting.

Canterra Seeds​​Top

CS2200 CL


NEW Nexera™ 2020 CL
Nexera™ 2022 CL
Nexera™ 1012 RR
Nexera™ 1022 RR
Nexera™ 1020 RR
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