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Blended Fertilizer

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Custom blends for your unique needs

Reaching maximum yield is directly related to not only the amount of nutrients available to your crop, but also to the relative balance of those nutrients. You're using quality, high-potential seed, so make the most of it by providing what it needs and when to reach its full potential.

NPKS - you know you need it. We provide it at any of our six locations. How easy is that?

Click here to find your local UFA Fertilizer blending locations:

Lethbridge | 403-327-0350

Stettler | 403-742-4360

Vulcan | 403-485-6550

Eaglesham | 780-359-3743

La Crete | 780-928-3886

Sexs​mith Redtail | 780-568-3335

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