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Canada Day Message

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​Today, on our nation’s birthday, I encourage you take time to celebrate our country and all of its uniqueness.

Canada is such a vast nation and yet, there is still a sense of togetherness and community that I can tell you first-hand, doesn’t exist in other parts of the world. There is a core set of values that bind Canadians with a sense of inclusion, of working together for the common good, making the country truly a land of opportunity.

People support co-operatives for the very same reasons; working together for the greater good and being part of something that feels like family. Most of my career has been spent working for co-operatives and maybe that’s why making the move to Canada has been so natural. Canadians are peaceful with a gentle, open-minded hospitality that feels like home.

As we gather with our families and friends on Canada's birthday, let us celebrate the hope we share for a bright future together. In the spirit of co-operation, I wish you a very Happy Canada Day!

~ Carol Kitchen