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Community Investment at UFA: Third Quarter Update

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Harvest is often a time of year when we see families and communities coming together to get the job done, working in acres and not hours.

It's also that time of year when we too, are reminded of what it means to be a co-operative and of the principals that we are founded upon--working together for the greater good.

UFA is committed to building strong rural communities, and we're accountable to our members to share the many ways we strive to deliver value for their rural communities. We invite you to check out what we're up to in our Community Investment at UFA: Third Quarter Update.

We are pleased to provide you with a snapshot that illustrates how we invest in our three key areas of focus– agriculture, community and youth – please take a moment to see how we have invested funds so far this year. You'll also find the latest information on our corporate partnerships, and hear how our initiatives are delivering value to communities across the UFA network.

Thank you for continuing to support our Community Investment programs and we look forward to seeing you in your community next quarter.

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