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Checking in with our 4-H Credit Program Participants

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Learning about credit early is a valuable life lesson.

Since November 2016, 4-H Alberta club members have been eligible to apply for UFA credit for their yearly 4-H projects. The program runs until July 31, 2017, and is a joint effort between UFA and ATB Financial, who complement the UFA credit offering by providing loans for the purchase of marketable livestock (beef, swine, sheep, meat goats and horses) or other approved projects.

The program presents a great opportunity for youth to establish credit and understand how to borrow money responsibly. 

We touched base with Emily Flint, member of the New Norway 4-H Club near Camrose. She’s a participant of the UFA 4-H Alberta Youth Credit Program, and she talks about how the program has helped with her 4-H project this year. 

UFA: “Tell us about your 4-H project this year. How is it going?”
EMILY: “This 4-H year, I have two projects. I have a show steer and a carcass steer. The nickname of my show steer is Moo-fasa and the nickname for my carcass project is Sir Loin. My projects are doing well, they are gaining appropriately and are healthy.”

UFA: “How has the UFA 4-H Credit program helped you with your project? What supplies have you bought? Are there any supplies we could look at stocking that would help you for next year?”
EMILY: “The UFA 4-H credit program has helped me a great deal! I myself didn't want to drive a long distance to get feed for my 4-H calves. The credit program makes it easier to pay for my expenses by letting me pay back the money I owe, after the sale and show. I mainly bought feed from UFA, but I also bought a few shoe products and a water tub. The only thing UFA didn't have is a light tan show halter.”

UFA: “Why did you apply for the UFA 4-H Credit program and how did you hear about it?”
EMILY: “My 4-H leader told me about the credit program and I applied because it seemed like way less of a hassle to pay at the end of the season rather than monthly.”

It's never too early for the leaders of tomorrow to learn about financial responsibility. To apply for UFA credit, 4-H members can click here.