Hands-on with UFA in Pincher Creek

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January 10, 2017—Pincher Creek, AB—The Pincher Creek UFA Farm & Ranch Supply Store hosted a successful Hands-On educational workshop for local 4-H clubs. Local 4-H members learned how to stay safe on the farm while working with grain, how to tie knots and how to take care of their animals. 


"The kids were very interactive during Merial's de-worming presentation" said Pincher Creek Site Operations Manager, Wendy Meerveld. "They asked a lot of questions and he had giveaways for every correct answer".   

Attendees also learned how to apply for the UFA 4-H credit program and how their club could win $3,000 with UFA's 4-H Centennial contest, Standing Out from the Herd. ​


"UFA believes that a true co-operative is more than just business.  By investing in 4-H youth we're able to help pave the way for our next generation to lead the way," said Dina Sutherland, UFA Community Investment Manager.

UFA is excited to continue offering Alberta 4-H clubs the opportunity to learn to do by doing with educational workshops at select UFA locations through the end of March 2017. Each workshop is unique and participants are guaranteed to develop life skills and new friendships all while having fun!

For more information, please visit our Community Programs page. ​