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UFA Partners with FCC to Ease Credit Burdens

UFA is reacting to the fall harvest conditions, by partnering with Farm Credit Canada (FCC), in order to provide you—our customers—with needed cash flow.  If you are a UFA customers who has sufficient existing FCC lines of credit tied to UFA, you are now able to transfer eligible product balances from your UFA account onto their FCC account. 

For existing UFA members and customers who have an account balance the process is easy. Please contact 1-844-548-2274.

If you do not have a current FCC account tied to UFA or sufficient capacity within your FCC account, please contact your local FCC representative. Once you are approved, you can transfer your current UFA balance of eligible products onto that account, and defer your payment until March 15, 2017. 

This UFA FCC Transfer Credit Program offers you a financial operation solution to better manage through this unprecedented harvest.

Please contact 1-844-548-2274 for more information on the UFA FCC Transfer Credit Program.​