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Board Election Results

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CALGARY - On March 18 UFA held its Annual General Meeting for 2016. This year’s AGM was a one day event where UFA delegates and directors came together to discuss important business items including co-operative performance and strategy and to vote on director positions that were up for election.

This year, four board positions were up for election. UFA chairman Kevin Hoppins and fellow directors Ric Hansen and Harvey Hagman were re-elected while candidate Henry Vos was newly elected to the board. All candidates were elected to full three year terms. Thank you to Brian Wittal for his contributions to UFA over the past year.

Henry Vos has a long history in agriculture and currently operates a grain farm outside of Fairview, Alberta. He spent the previous 25 years running a pedigreed seed business with his wife. Henry has also served on numerous boards including Fairview College, Canadian International Grains Institute, and the Canadian Wheat Board.

"We are very excited to welcome Henry to UFA as a new member of our board and to keep the valued experience of both Ric and Harvey at the table," says Kevin Hoppins, chair of the board of directors. "On behalf of the board I would also like to thank Brian for his service and contributions to UFA."

Kevin Hoppins was also acclaimed as UFA chairman for a one year term in a decision made by the board of directors.


Pictured standing (from left to right) are Tim Nakaska, Mic Thiessen, Tim Ba​ncroft, Rick​ Hansen, Kevin Hoppins (chair), and Jake Burlet.The directo​rs seated are (from left to right) Henry Vos, Harold Haugen, James Bettcher, Harvey Hagman, and Jim Laverick.​​