Winfield and District 4-H Beef Club


​UFA Standing Out From the Herd by Winfield and District 4-H Beef Club​


The members wanted to show past and present pictures and have included quotes for what 4-H means to them. Also, different aspects of 4-H were highlighted such as the inclusion of younger members, leadership of older members, importance of leaders, and the fact that they feel more like a family than a club. Also, it was decided to incorporate the great song ‘John Deere Tractor Keys’ as we feel it follows the timeline that is very common with our way of life. 
Agriculture and 4-H will always be a way of life for everyone that is involved in it. 
No matter where we end up, the farm is where we will always belong. 
The members would like to use the funds for an exchange if they are fortunate enough to receive.