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Seeking Delegates

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We are seeking delegates to represent members in your area.

Do you have a stake in agriculture, a commitment to
co-operatives, and a passion for making a difference?

Self-nominate today to become a UFA Delegate and give your members a voice at our co-operative.
Submissions due by March 23, 2018

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Why should I become a delegate?

  • Represent UFA members.
  • Use your industry knowledge and interest to grow and influence change within our co-operative.
  • Network with peers and industry leaders to exchange information, and ideas.
  • Learn about our co-operative, including our governance structure, operations, strategy, opportunities, and the industries we do business in.
  • Learn about industry trends, best practices and issues.
  • Be an advocate for UFA by representing the co-op at community events.
  • Through delegates, our members have a greater voice.

How do I nominate myself to become a Delegate?

We ask that you self-assess your qualifications, skills and experience using our online self-nomination form below.

Here is what we need from you to get started:

  • A colour photo - for new candidates only.
  • Criminal record check - we require a Category 1 of the Consent for Disclosure of Criminal Records Information. Incumbent delegates running for re-election will be advised if they are required to submit a criminal record check.
  • Completed nomination form - please complete the online form below and press “Submit” in the form to send it to us.
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If you have additional questions, please contact

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