4-H Programs

Sin​c​e 1917, 4-H has been a cornerstone for rural communities. Hundreds of thousands of youth and adults have participated in 4​-H programs that have given them life-long skills and knowledge, like co-operation, leadership, inter​personal relations, critical thinking, decision making, organization, public speaking and community service.

UFA proudly supports 4-H Alberta through Club Week, UFA 4-H Alumni Award, Awards of Excellence, District Communications and signature programs.​

Hands-on with UFA – Educational Workshops

Each year, UFA is excited to offer 4-H Alberta clubs the opportunity to learn to do by doing with educational workshops at select UFA locations. Each workshop is unique and participants are guaranteed to develop life skills and new friendships all while having fun! Some of the things 4-H members may learn are: Farm Safety, Credit 101, Co-operative Basics, Tack Cleaning, Animal Care and Goal Setting. Stay tuned for details on our 2017 - 2018 events.


4-H Alberta Youth Credit Program​

Learning about credit early is a valuable life lesson and 4-H Alberta club members have the opportunity to apply for credit from UFA for feed and supplies for their yearly 4-H projects. This is a joint effort between UFA and ATB Financial, which will be providing loans for the purchase of marketable livestock (beef, swine, sheep, meat goats and horses) or other approved projects.

This is a great opportunity for youth to establish credit and understand how to borrow money responsibly. It's never too early for the leaders of tomorrow to learn about financial responsibility. To apply for UFA credit, 4-H members can click here.​

UFA and ATB believe in giving back to our communities and investing in our youth in order to make our communities a better place – for now and for generations to come.​​​


Stand Out from the Herd Contest

For our "Stand Out from the Herd" contest, 4-H members were asked to get together with their club and build a project that tells the world about the cool people and moments that make 4-H something they are proud to belong to – in honour of 4-H Alberta's Centennial year.

"Stand Out from the Herd" received a variety of submissions from 4-H clubs across the province—from scrapbooks to slideshows to videos—all created by the next generation of leaders showing us how 4-H has made a difference in their lives and communities over the last 100 years. Eleven clubs received regional awards and honourable mentions, while the Grand Champion winner was Central Lacombe 4-H Beef Club and the Fan Favourite was Freedom Naples Multi 4-H Club. Check out their entries below:


​     Grand Champion - $3000 : Central Lacombe 4-H Beef Club

​Fan Favourite - $1500 - Freedom Naples Multi​ 4-H Club


Ag for Life Programs​​

In 2015, Ag for Life supported programs reached over 67,000 children, youth and adults across Alberta. Programs include:

The Farm Safety Walkabout is a family activity where parents can guide their family, extended family or even new employees through checklists, discussions and activities focused on farm safety. Find out more here>               

Classroom Agriculture Program (CAP) is a well-known and highly respected education program currently reaching over 20,000 grade 4 Alberta students annually. Since its inception, CAP has reached more than 570,000 Alberta youth.

CAP is about creating a broader understanding of the food we eat and where it comes from. Students start to understand the value and importance of agriculture in Alberta, the vast opportunities, as well as the people and producers who drive this industry.

Rural and Farm Safety Days brings much-needed safety education to young Albertans who live on, work at or visit farms. These one-day courses take place in schools or other community locations with an interactive array of simulators, activities and demonstrations that students work through. Participants explore a wide range of safety topics including large equipment, chemical, animal, water, powerline, pipeline, sun safety and much more.

Alberta Open Farm Days is where ranchers and farmers invite their urban and rural neighbours to share stories, see demonstrations, and learn more about the people producing their food. The initiative provides valuable opportunities to connect all Albertans to rural life, help them understand where their food comes from, the role agriculture plays in our economy and the incredible opportunities afforded by a strong agricultural industry. In 2015, over 70 farms and ranches welcomed over 10,000 visitors who experienced Alberta agriculture firsthand!

UFA supports additional programs through Ag for Life, such as Little Green Thumbs, City Slickers On-Farm Education, Growing Minds (Neubauer Farms), Barn Yard and Boots Safety Program and the Rollover Simulator Project.

To learn more about Ag for Life, visit agricultureforlife.ca

The Cattle Trail

The Cattle Trail is an interactive and engaging presentation that tells the story of the beef cattle industry.

A live animal display of beef cattle is enhanced by informative and engaging displays about the industry and production. The Cattle Trail is a showcase that talks about industry practices that enhance animal welfare, ensure food safety, protect natural resources and improve health and nutrition for consumers.

The interactive exhibits are family-friendly, attracting over 100,000 guests in 2014. Industry experts are on hand to take visitors on an exciting journey through the product lifecycle of beef, exploring everything from the science of beef cattle breeding to understanding the different cuts of beef they see on their dinner table.

To learn more about the Cattle Trail, please visit: http://ag.calgarystampede.com/events/the-cattle-trail

Co-o​perative Leadership Council

​UFA is looking for progressive, leading producer couples who have a passion for agriculture and improving their industry.​

If you're passionate about growing a vibrant and sustainable ag industry, strengthening community and advancing your own operation, we want you to join our Co-​operative Leadership Council.​​

Here's How It Works

Dow​nload the Nomination Form

ACCA Co-operative Youth Leadership Program

For over 50 years, UFA has supported the Alberta Co-operative Community Association (ACCA) and the many programs it provides in Alberta. UFA plays a significant role in the ACCA Co-operative Youth Leadership Program, held every July and August at the Goldeye Centre near Nordegg, Alberta. This summer camp program is designed to educate kids, aged 11 to 18, on co-operatives, agriculture and leadership. Each year, UFA helps to send up to 42 youth to camp.

Interested? UFA members can pick up a registration brochure at their local UFA Farm and Ranch Supply store. For more information on this program and to learn how you can request support, please contact Community.Investment@UFA.com.

​The Cattlemens Young Leaders Development Program

The CYL development program provides industry-specific training and mentorships to young producers between the ages of 18 and 35. Participants have the chance to take part in provincial, national and international high-level discussions that define the direction and future of the Canadian cattle and beef industry.

This program provides a combination of formal and informal opportunities to learn from current beef cattle industry leaders as well as other youth organizations undertaking mentorship opportunities.

To learn more, please visit: cattlemensyoungleaders.com​​​


Community Events

UFA believes in the value of bringing community together in order to forge new relationships and create a vibrant sustainable place to grow. From minor hockey tournaments to bonspiels to community celebrations of any kind, UFA is proud to support our neighbours’ community events. If you have an event you’d like UFA to be a part of, ple​ase apply through our sponsorship application page. ​​