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​Learn to Do by Doing by Ponoka 4-H Renegade Riders​​


We don’t think there is any better way to teach kids to ‘Learn to Do by Doing’ than 4-H! How can kids learn to care for animals, themselves, and others if not given the hands on opportunity to do so? 4-H provides these opportunities in so many ways. 

This year our club went to the Rimoka Senior Lodge to serve dessert to our local seniors at one of their evening socials. Serving dessert to seniors? What’s so educational about that?... Well, more than you may think! Our kids had to converse and make polite conversation with adults who were raised in a whole different era. They had to use, and in some cases develop, manners when having to say ‘Excuse me please… which flavour would you like?” more than once to someone who was hard on hearing. They gave up their Friday night free time in exchange for giving time to those who society often doesn’t have time for. 

This year Ponoka 4-H Renegade Riders had a trail workshop. Another great opportunity to ‘Learn to Do by Doing’. Parents and instructors gave of their time to make possible a weekend of kids being challenged to ride outside of their comfort levels. A weekend like this exposes kids to positive lessons not only by doing, but also by observing. 
Seeing adults give unselfishly of their time to help others be the best they can be are powerful life lessons. 
Christmas! What do we all want for Christmas? Ponoka 4-H Renegade Riders put together care packages for some seniors in our community. An evening of camaraderie, learning organizational skills as packages were put together, as well as again, taking time to do something for others is another example of ‘Learning to Do by Doing’. 

This past month 4-H clubs all over Alberta had their club public speaking. Want to see amazing kids in action? Attend a 4-H public speaking forum sometime. These kids spend time putting together a speech and then something so many of us adults can’t do… they go before a crowd of people and present it! They do this in spite of sweat and in some cases tears. Through this process they gain confidence and poise. 

Time rolls along so quickly. Before we know it Regional’s will be here. Two days is all that will be available to 4-H kids from all over Central Alberta to show what they have learned. 
They will care for their animals, groom themselves and care for their fellow 4-H members. Win or lose, they will congratulate one another and say ‘good job!’ Sportsmanship in action. 
An 85 year old senior who used to hire for a large firm once commented, “Whenever we got resumes from 4-H kids we usually gave them priority. On average they were great kids, very conscientious and good workers.” We think that statement sums up how 100 years of 4-H makes ALL 4-H Clubs “Stand out from the Herd.” 

Ponoka 4-H Renegade Riders
I pledge:

My Head to clearer thinking, 
My Heart to greater loyalty, 
My Hands to larger service, 
My Health to better living, 
For my club, my community and my country. 

If we are honoured in placing, we hope to put some of the money towards our arena riding rental fees. 

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