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​Our History

For over a century, UFA has been a part of Alberta’s co-operative landscape, working with our members to adapt to their changing economic and social needs.  UFA’s influence in political, social and economic areas of Alberta’s history is a story full of accomplishments. 

Four years after Alberta became a province, UFA is founded by farmers and ranchers to serve their needs.
The UFA political party was elected to form the government of Alberta.
UFA leaves provincial politics after securing the mineral rights for Alberta—a cornerstone of the province’s long-term prosperity.
As fuel becomes an increasingly important agricultural input, UFA acquired Maple Leaf Fuels. It’s a visionary move that provides the bulk of the co-op’s future earnings.
UFA is 95 years old and revenue tops $1 billion for the first time. Just seven years later, revenue surpasses $2 billion.
UFA acquires Wholesale Sports, a Canadian owned- and-operated outdoor outfitter.
UFA celebrates a century of serving agricultural producers.
UFA and CHS create a partnership and introduce Bridgeland, a new crop inputs and supply company in the Peace Region.