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Member Reports

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Sometimes you want it all, sometimes just the highlight reel. You can have both with UFA annual reports.

Every year, we create a short version of our full annual report, known as the member report. Both the short and full versions of the annual report contain financials, updates from the CEO and the Chairman of the Board, discussions of management decisions and analysis. The member report also provides an update on community investment and summarizes the highlights for a quicker read.

Here you can read either version of our member report. If you want the more detailed information about our Co-operative and the financial results, click on the detailed annual report PDFs below. ​

Online Member Report 2016

Last year, we created an online version of our full annual report, known as the member report. Find updates and financial results from 2016 here.

2015 Member Reports

2015 Short Version 2015 Detailed Version

2014 Member Reports

2014 Short Version 2014 Detailed Version

2013 Member Reports

2013-annual-report-short.jpg 2013-annual-report-short.jpg
2013 Short Version 2013 Detailed Version​​​​​

2012 Member Reports

2012 Annual Report - Short 2012 Annual Report -  Long
2012 Short Version
2012 Detailed Version

2011 Member Reports

2011 Annual Report -Short 2011 Annual Report - Long
2011 Short Version 2011 Detailed Version

2010 Member Reports

2010-annual-report-short.jpg 2010-annual-report-short.jpg
2010 Short Version 2010 Detailed Version

2009 Member Reports

2014-annual-report-short.jpg 2014-annual-report-short.jpg
2009 Short Version 2009 Detailed Version