Member Report 2016: Wholesale Sports

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Background banner photo of hunters crouched over wearing camo gear

Wholesale Sports Outdoor Outfitters aspires to be one of Canada’s most respected multi-channel retailers dedicated to the sportsmen and women who have a passion for hunting, fishing and camping, and a love of the great outdoors.

For our core customers, outdoor sport is more than a recreational pursuit and more than a hobby – it’s an obsession. We strive to be the one-stop shopping destination for outdoor enthusiasts looking for top-quality gear and the expertise to go with it.

With 12 stores, e-commerce business and 440,000 square feet of retail space across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Wholesale Sports is the largest multi-channel outdoor retailer in Western Canada dedicated to the outdoors. We have been part of the Canadian outdoor industry for more than 30 years.

2016 Performance

Focus for 2017


​​I love Wholesale Sports comparable prices and how easy it is to shop there. Staff are always willing to help and will never pressure you into buying something.

Gordon Ford | Edmonton | Wholesale Sports Customer

Graphic of Wholesale Sports' sales revenue - 102.7 million dollars

Wholesale Sports’ sales decreased by nine per cent in 2016 from $113.0 million in 2015.

Graphic of Wholesale Sports - 2016 Gross Margin - 33.7 million dollars

Gross margins were down $1.1 million to $33.7 million compared to $34.8 million in 2015.