Member Report 2016: Petroleum

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Photo of the UFA logo on the side of a bulk fuel truck

UFA Petroleum is committed to providing effective business solutions that enable our customers and members to be at their competitive best in an ever challenging economic environment. UFA’s extensive network of Petroleum sites is comprised of 108 cardlock operations in Alberta, supplemented by two in B.C. and three in Saskatchewan. Regionally, our extensive coverage is also supported by 81 bulk plants. 

These plants are operated by our independent Agent network, who deliver exceptional service along with top quality fuels and lubricants. In partnership with the Commercial Fueling Network, UFA also provides customers with access to a network of more than 2,500 locations in B.C. and across the United States.

UFA purchases fuels primarily from Western Canadian refiners for re-sale into the agriculture and industrial/ commercial market segments. With our bulk fuel and oil deliveries, storage tank offering and local Agents offering service and support, customers can count on having the dyed and clear fuels, lubricants and fluids that they need, whenever and wherever they work.

2016 Performance


sales volume graphic

Petroleum sales volumes in 2016 were 13 per cent or 157.5 million litres lower than 2015.

gross margin graphic

Petroleum gross margin for 2016 was equal to 2015 at $88.0 million.

Network Management

Focus for 2017 & Summary

capital spending graphic

Capital spending decreased by $6.7 million in 2016 from $14.1 million in 2015.

I have noticed the improvements at UFA over the last couple of years. Fuel and farm supplies used to be two different entities, now it's 'One UFA'.

Rick Slater | Sexsmith | Member since 1993