Member Report 2016: Letter from the Board Chair

Dear Members,

These are important questions, and they can only be answered by listening to you. We acknowledge that there are many areas in which we can do better. So in 2016, we undertook to become what you have asked us to be. The board of directors, in consultation with management, has introduced a new vision and mission statement for UFA. This vision speaks to the co-operative that we aspire to be: the most trusted and reliable supplier of petroleum, crop, livestock, building products and services in the markets we serve. With this renewed sense of purpose I believe that together we are On the Road to a Better UFA, and as board chair I am honoured to present our 2016 annual report.

It was another challenging year in Alberta. Farming is a risky business and mother nature can be hard to predict. Alberta has been host to farmers and ranchers for well over 100 years and during this time we have endured numerous challenges. The harvest of 2016 will be remembered and talked about in coffee shops for years to come, as the challenging weather left many of my fellow farmers with crop in the field. The economy remained in recession and the energy sector continued to see minimal activity. We saw an increase in competitor consolidation in crop inputs, driving us to seek new value propositions and show up differently in the market. We are often faced with obstacles well beyond our control, and these challenges motivate us to accomplish our goals.

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