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Member Report 2016: Community Investment

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Picture of young family standing in field of wheat gazing into the distance

UFA believes that a true co-operative is more than just business. It’s about giving back to our community investing in our youth and supporting our agriculture industry.

​Community Investment at a Glance

number of investments

Graphic of Community Investment's - number of investments

Ag for Life $100,000

4-H Alberta $103,000

Calgary Stampede $60,000

funds distributed

Graphic of Community Investment's distribution of funds

ACCA Camp Goldeye $29,000

Cattlemen’s Young Leaders (CYL) $24,000

Team Koe


​In 2016 we supported rural communities through:

  • Graphic of a clock that highlights the 2298 hours of community investment support

    hours invested
  • Graphic of a heart that highlights the 158 communities supported

    communities supported
  • Graphic of event tickets - highlighting the 337 events and projects supported

    events/projects supported
  • Graphic of a group of people, highlighting the 2.3 million individuals reached