Member Report 2016: AgriBusiness

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Photo of a herd of cows

UFA’s core purpose is to improve the economic and social well-being of our agricultural owners and their communities. Through 35 stores and dedicated on-farm and ranch support teams, AgriBusiness is focused on providing products and services to support the growing of crops, the raising of livestock and the construction of ag buildings and storage solutions.



2016 Performance

Focus for 2017 & Summary

Graphic of retail agribusiness sales revenue - 134 million dollars

In 2016, Retail sales decreased by 13 per cent or $20.2 million vs. 2015.

Graphic of retail agribusiness gross margin - 39.5 million dollars

The gross margin for Retail decreased by $2.7 million from $42.2 million in 2015.


2016 Performance

Focus for 2017 & Summary

Focus for 2017

Looking ahead, the Commercial AgriBusiness team has embarked on a number of key initiatives to build on this year. The following areas of focus will allow us to remain competitive while providing enhanced value to members:

  • strategic vendor partnerships that increase our profitability while still offering choices to members;
  • joint marketing initiatives that promote the full breadth of offer across all divisions of UFA;
  • focused and well equipped sales team to bring our offer to the farm gate;
  • expanded seed and chemistry distribution points;
  • enhanced animal health offer to ranchers; and
  • better in-season execution of product movement.


At the heart of UFA’s business is a commitment to the agriculture producers who founded the co-operative so many years ago. Though this landscape has changed considerably, the Commercial AgriBusiness team is well positioned to provide value to farmers and ranchers where they live and operate.

Graphic of commercial agribusiness sales revenue - 186 million dollars

In 2016, Commercial sales increased by two per cent or $3.4 million vs. 2015.

Graphic of commercial agribusiness gross margin - 23.7 million dollars

The gross margin for Commercial decreased by $1.2 million, from $24.9 million in 2015.