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UFA Joins Biological Carbon Canada

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In order to continue to help raise the profile of agriculture and the environmental best management practices of our industry, UFA has become a member of Biological Carbon Canada (BCC) which is an Alberta based non-profit society working to enhance the global competitiveness of Canada's forestry and agriculture sectors. Through joining the BCC, UFA will be better positioned to support and help our members meet and adjust to the GHG (Green House Gas) reduction targets and the economic and environmental mandates of the federal government as they relate to agriculture.

Biological Carbon Canada (BCC) is committed to achieving these objectives for the agricultural and forestry sectors.

  • Help stakeholders in the biological sector achieve an economic return for actions that reduce GHG emissions or remove GHGs from the atmosphere.
  • Create an environment that will generate skilled jobs needed to implement actions that reduce emissions, measure these reductions and monetize them.
  • Help deploy new technologies that reduce GHGs.
  • Help develop training and technical outreach on actions that will reduce GHG emissions.
  • Be a global knowledge hub for creating, measuring and reporting emission reductions from the biological sector.
  • Lever both private and public funding partnership supporting emission reductions.